why the term Hens?

There is debate over this! These are three theories:

  • Hen could represent a female chicken, hens often stick together like a hens party would on a night on the town!
  • The word ‘Hen’ hasn’t always meant a female chicken. In medieval English it was any type of female bird. So hence where the term ‘hen party’ came to represent a gathering of women. And ‘Stag’ was not just a deer, that was also any male type of animal.
  • Another theory comes from the East, where henna is painted on the skin of the bride in a ‘Henna’ ceremony. It was believed that this was purifying. it was put on the brides hands and feet the night before the wedding as it was believed to help cool the body and keep the bride calm before and on her wedding day. The henna symbolises good health and prosperity in the marriage.

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