At Hens Party Geelong we have the best hens party games to get you in the party spirit; great icebreakers and lots of fun. We have some fave hens party games that we run at our venue and below are great ideas for you to get ready for a fun day. See below for all our hens and bachelorette party games ideas with quick overviews…

Hens Party Geelong has also created these games for your hen party to use at our venues or later on or before. Just ask and we can send you free printable copies. Or use the ideas below and choose your own options/questions etc to tailor the game to your unique day.

  • Would she rather? – create a group of questions with 2 possible answers. Each hen has to pick the answer they think she would choose/prefer. You can have questions tied into you theme, be about the big day, be about her favourite things, food, or have a few dirty questions! You can have printed versions or use technology and get the hens to do them on their phone.The ask the bride at the hens party which she prefers.
  • How well do you know the bride? – very similar to the above game but rather than asking what she would prefer, have questions asking about the bride. Have a printed version or phone version. Get everyone to shout out their answer and then the Bride to answer and see who got it correct.
  • Mr & Mrs, Mrs & Mrs / He said She said- choose your questions, approx 20. Ask the groom to answer them all. Then at the hen party ask her the questions and compare to the grooms answers. An hilarious game you can make as risqué as you want! you can also film the groom answering and play back at the party. Make sure you also film the bride at the party for a great keepsake.
  • Once upon a time… start with a sheet of paper with ‘once upon a time a girl names … met a girl/boy named …’. Pass this around for each guest to add to add a sentence. You can have it so you can see what people have previously written or you fold the paper over after each turn. Finish with; ‘and they lived happily ever after’.
  • Don’t say… – choose a word that is banned such as ‘wedding’, ‘hen’, ‘bride’ etc or something more personal. A forfeit is set (or points) for anyone that says it. The forfeit could be having having a swig of their drink, eating something awful, eating underwear on your head, wear an item of clothing inside out, dares etc. Limit the game to a period of time.
  • What’s in your handbag – have a list of items ready. you will have typical objects and a few more unusual ones. Call out the items, the first person to have the item in their bag gets a prize. It might be a mini choc bar, a ‘naughty’ lolly etc.Or play so you get a point and have one winner at the end. you can have various points for each item, so som more unusual items would have a higher score. Also have a prize for whoever has the strangest thing in their bag!
  • Pin the penis, pin the tail on the male. Make your own DIY version or purchase one.or use an image of the groom.
  • True or false – have a list of facts about the bride, some true and some false. Read out and get everyone to shout out of tue or false.
  • Brides vows – print out traditional vows and remove certain words for hens to fill in.
  • Never have I ever – not one for in front of the Mother in law! you can either use prompt cards or each person makes up there ow sentence. Anyone who has done the deed must take a sip of their drink.
  • Who am I? – get each guest to bring a written down memory of the bride to be. Randomly read them out during the day and see of the bride can guess who wrote it.
  • Where’s Willy – get each guest to include a small penis hidden within their outfit somewhere.

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