Just a few tips for your big day…

  • Get one of your bridesmaid to keep an eye on your makeup for you.
  • Get a bridesmaid to look after anything you may need such as tissues, a lipstick, glasses etc
  • Give a bridesmaid a roll to make sure you don’t miss out on the nibbles. Especially as you will be having photos taken. And to make sure you get water.
  • Make sure your bridesmaids are ready to be your toilet helper, especially if you have a full wedding dress.
  • At your wedding breakfast when you’ve finished your starter, get up and walk around and chat to people on a third of the tables. Make sure you speak to everyone on the table. Then after the main meal do the same, and after the desert. After being a wedding photographer for many years this is a great tip as you know then you’ve spoken to everyone at your wedding incase you don’t get around everyone later. Then you can enjoy your day and evening!
  • Sneak away for a moment with your husband and take it all in together.
  • Ask someone to record the speeches for you.
  • Get a plate of food made up at the venue earlier on and kept to one side ready to collect and take back to you accomodation later.

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