Historically bridesmaids roll was to wear the same outfit as the bride; being matching decoys to confuse any spirits long enough for her to get married! They walked down the aisle with aromatic bouquets such as garlic herbs etc ;again to ward off any spirits. Traditionally bridesmaid helped the bride decorate for the wedding breakfast. The Maid of honours role was to create the wreath and hep get dresses.

Today the maid of honours and bridesmaids role is to offer more emotional support. Though below are a few roles that are good to remember!

Before the wedding
  • Plan the hen party.
  • Bridesmaid dress shopping. And brides dress shopping.
  • Be emotional supportive
  • Attend any events such as engagement party, rehearsals etc.
  • Help with wedding planning.
  • Get a gift
At the wedding
  • Help getting ready before the wedding
  • Make sue she is looking her best throughout the day. let her know if she needs makeup touches etc.
  • Be emotional supportive
  • Hold her bouquet at certain times.
  • Keep partners ring safe if there is no ring bearer.
  • Help with photos rounding people up.
  • Make sure she has a drink and also stays hydrated with water and doesn’t miss out on any nibbles.
  • Give a toast.
  • Help with the running of the day the schedule etc
  • Help with going to the bathroom, especially if the dress is hard to manoeuvre!
  • Get on the dance floor with her!
  • Possible help with gifts etc at the end of the night

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